Is now the best time to become a personal trainer?


The simple answer to this question is yes, now is the best time to become a personal trainer. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives in many ways. One of these changes is that more people are looking for fitness inspiration online. And you’ll notice that fitness enthusiasts are mushrooming everywhere.

In spite of many people losing jobs and sources of income, personal training is fast gaining popularity. And this started with people looking for safer alternatives when gyms closed down. Somewhere along the way, other people who weren’t as thrilled about fitness before the pandemic joined in.

This is because the lockdown relegated them to slow sedentary lifestyles. And with this lack of activity in their lives, there was the inevitable weight gain. For other people, exercising was a good way to break the work, eat and sleep schedule that came with the lockdown. The one place that most Aussies turned to for fitness motivation was on the internet.

Look at your social media timeline at any given time and you’re likely to see a short workout video. This could either be an ad or from one of the people that you follow. If you look closer at the following that online fitness enthusiasts have, you’ll see why personal training is the wave.

Becoming a personal trainer today is one of the most marketable skills that one can have. And the first step to get there is with a cert 3 in fitness.

What you need to be a personal trainer (besides a cert 3 in fitness)

Besides studying a cert 3 in fitness personal trainers need to have a variety of traits to be successful. Think of a situation where people could work out by themselves and get to their personal body goals. While that would be amazing, the downside is that no one would need a personal trainer. Luckily for you, it’s not just knowledge that can help people achieve their dream bodies, they need you as well.

Below are some of these traits that can make you the best personal trainer today.

You love physical activity

There’s no two ways about this. Personal training involves a lot of activity and exercise. Can you imagine what would happen if you hired a personal trainer that had a cert 3 in fitness but didn’t enjoy exercise?

You wouldn’t be able to trust in their abilities to help you in your fitness journey. Personal training is not theoretical and at some point you’ll need to do some workouts yourself in order to understand what your clients go through.

You believe in the health benefits of working out

If you don’t believe in the benefits of exercising there’s no way that you can train someone else on what to do. Most people that feel the need to exercise often have a motivating factor. To some it’s the physical appearance while to others, it’s the health benefits.

Regardless of what a person wants, as a trainer you need to believe in the benefits of working out. That way, you’ll be able to help your trainees to achieve their desired goals.

But if you’re not 100 percent sure what these benefits are right now that’s okay! You’ll learn all about them when you study your cert 3 in fitness.

You’re empathetic

As a personal trainer, you’ll meet different people with different body types. And for you to have a productive experience with them, you’ll have to show empathy. This is the ability to relate with your trainees needs and create the best workout for them.

When it comes to bodies and workouts there’s no one size fits all. And with every new trainee, you’ll need to learn their body types to create the best work out. Using the same routine on all your trainees as a trainer shows a lack of empathy. This can affect the trainee morale and even discourage them from future workouts.

When you empathize with people you’re more likely to help them reach their body goals. This is what can differentiate you from other personal trainers.

So make sure that your cert 3 fitness course teaches you about different body types and how to create suitable programs for them.

Where to get personal trainer certification (cert 3 in fitness)

What you need next is to start with a cert 3 in fitness to make your services more marketable. And this is important because people like to know that they’re getting a verified service.

As it stands right now, there are many people that claim the personal trainer title all over the internet. The worst of these people are those who have good genes but say it’s working out that made them reach their goals. People also want personal training from people who know what they are saying. People who can break down reasons why they need to do certain things and eat certain meals.

This is the main reason why you need to get formal training. Cert 3 fitness education will set you apart from the many fitness trainers available today. This will help to improve your rating and credibility. And as a result you’ll be able to reach even more people that need a personal trainer.

Clean Health Fitness has you covered

It’s not enough to get a cert 3 in fitness alone. You need to get the training from a reputable institution as well. This is where the Clean Health Fitness Institute can help you. We have been in the business of providing fitness training for many years from the beginning steps of a cert 3 in fitness all the way to more specialized programs.

Our cert 3 fitness educators have practical industry knowledge (not just theoretical) which can help guide you through the courses.

Our courses are also flexible and online. This allows you to get quality cert 3 fitness training from the comfort of your home. Choosing your own hours will also enable you to plan your daily schedule around your classes. Plus, you won’t have to interrupt your life to gain your cert 3 fitness qualification.

If you’re looking to tap into the wave of personal training then we are here for you. Visit our website today and see what classes fit best with your schedule. What’s more, our team is available to offer any support that you may need along your journey of getting your cert 3 in fitness.