The Clean Health Platinum Education Week (PEW) combines 3-workshops: Program Design Essentials, Program Design Mastery and Performance Nutrition Coach.  

Taught over seven life-changing days, the program provides coaches with a complete success blueprint. It is the culmination of all the training and nutrition methods we’ve created through 20+ years of in-the-trenches, real-world experience in our gyms. 

Who Will Benefit

Personal trainers, strength coaches and health nuts seeking to learn how to coach beginner through to advanced level clientele for all goals. 

You will train 10+ times during the week and be pushed to your limits by our expert coaches, like Sebastian Oreb, so shorten your success time horizon and enrol today! 

How You Will Benefit

Master Fat Loss Transformations

Work with Athletes

Become a Nutrition Coach

Network with Industry Leaders

Learning Outcomes

In this 7-day, hands-on workshop, you’ll learn the following and much more! 

  1. Master the initial consultation, including advanced client pre-screening, personality profiling, goal setting & diagnostic tools to maximise compliance. 
  2. Corrective exercise prescription for posture, functional movement, strength testing, muscle-length testing, lumbopelvic stability, anaerobic capacity & more. 
  3. Structural balance assessment for the lower and upper body extremities for general population clients and athletic populations. 
  4. The latest, cutting-edge research in training, sports performance, fat loss, hypertrophy, and more and how to structure and periodise short and long-term training programs for all client types, from the general population to athletes. 
  5. Advanced program design for strength development, including the science of strength development and training methods for increasing strength and power for multiple strength sports and athletic events. 
  6. Advanced program design for hypertrophy, including the mechanisms of hypertrophy, training methods for hypertrophy, program design and periodisation for hypertrophy goals. 
  7. Advanced program design for fat loss, including the role of cardio training for fat loss, resistance training for fat loss, resistance training modalities for fat loss and how to prep clients for physique shows. 
  8. Modified strongman training, including movement variations and program design considerations for fat loss, functional hypertrophy and athletic performance. 
  9. Prescribe calorie and macro-specific diet plans based on your client’s current and desired health, wellness, and performance goals. 
  10. How to optimise client results for fat loss, hypertrophy, body composition, athletic preparation and much more using the power of evidence-based nutrition. 
  11. Supplementation for general health and sports performance. This includes what works, what doesn’t and how to make safe recommendations for your clients. 
  12. The science and practical application behind popular nutrition systems include low carb, high carb, IFFYM, carnivore, keto, intermittent fasting and many more! 
  13. Multiple dietary strategies to effectively cycle your nutrition through the week to prevent stagnation, such as carb cycling, zigzag, CKD and more. 
  14. How to periodise nutritional plans long-term using liner, undulating and pyramid approaches to achieve predictable results over 12-, 24- and 52-week periods. 
  15. The science of stress and the latest research on meditation, mindfulness, and other tools you can use to optimise your client’s lifestyle and dietary compliance. 

Assessment Criteria

To become certified as a Biolayne Nutrition Coach, you’ll need to demonstrate competency across three key areas.


Choice Exam


Practical Coaching Assessment


Program Design
Case Study

Payment Plan Options

If you would like a payment solution that allows you to invest in your education over time… we’ve got you! 

With options over 6 weeks or via our partners at Zipmoney over 6 months, they’re flexible options to choose from, so contact us to assist you if you need further help, or click the option below at check-out.

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