In today’s episode of the industry leader’s podcast, Daine McDonald interviews Dr Layne Norton!


Get ready for an enlightening and knowledge-packed episode of the Industry Leader’s Podcast! Join Daine as he welcomes Dr Layne Norton, a world-leading nutritionist and the mastermind behind Biolayne, as he dives deep into the world of nutrition, muscle gain, and fat loss!


Layne’s expertise in protein metabolism and nutrition has earned him international acclaim, and today, he’s here to share his invaluable insights with you. As a longtime friend and business partner of Daine McDonald, Layne is at the forefront of cutting-edge research and has contributed to our latest groundbreaking education program—the all-new Physique Coaching Academy!


Don’t miss a second of this podcast as Layne dismantles the most prevalent training and nutrition myths with evidence-based findings. He also reveals success mindset hacks to help you level up your fitness game and achieve your goals like never before. 🚀


About The Industry Leaders Podcast

The Industry Leaders Podcast is designed for people interested in improving their body and mind… nutrition, training, business, mindset and longevity; we cover it all with world-renowned experts each week.
It’s hosted by Clean Health Founder, Daine McDonald, a former personal trainer and nutrition coach, who, as CEO of one of the world’s largest fitness education providers, is responsible for educating over 70,000 coaches worldwide.
His team consists of industry experts such as Layne Norton PhD, Bill Campbell PhD, Hattie Boydle, Sebastian Oreb, Brian Mark, Jackson Peos PhD, Cole Dasilva and many more!

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