In this captivating episode, join our CEO, Daine McDonald, for an exclusive one-on-one interview with renowned fitness expert and author James Smith, at the prestigious Crown Sydney.

Delve into James’s inspiring journey from a corporate career to becoming a successful commercial gym personal trainer, and eventually a celebrated online coach and best-selling author. Listen as they discuss James’s remarkable experiences, including selling out iconic venues like the Sydney Opera House. Gain valuable insights into content creation and emerging social trends as we head into 2024.

Additionally, James shares his wisdom on mindset, as well as essential marketing and sales strategies for entrepreneurs eager to expand their brand, boost their income, and transform their lives. This episode is a treasure trove of knowledge for anyone looking to make their mark in the fitness industry or any entrepreneurial venture.

About The Industry Leaders Podcast

The Industry Leaders Podcast is designed for people interested in improving their body and mind… nutrition, training, business, mindset and longevity; we cover it all with world-renowned experts each week.
It’s hosted by Clean Health Founder Daine McDonald, a former personal trainer and nutrition coach, who as CEO of one of the world’s largest fitness education providers, is responsible for educating over 70,000 coaches worldwide.
His team comprises industry experts such as Layne Norton PhD, Bill Campbell PhD, Hattie Boydle, Sebastian Oreb, Brian Mark, Jackson Peos PhD, Cole Dasilva and many more!

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