In this episode of the Industry Leaders Podcast, Daine McDonald is joined by 22-year-old social media influencer and entrepreneur, Jye Treay.

Jye shares his transformation from a challenging childhood to achieving his dreams in the digital world. He discusses the importance of individuality in social media, the role of self-education, and his strategies for captivating an audience.

Jye also delves into the nuances of affiliations and sponsorships, and how he chose the right platforms for his content. A significant part of the conversation focuses on overcoming adversity, where Jye offers personal insights and lessons. He even explores the intriguing concept of positive “self-hypnosis” and its role in personal growth.

This episode is a blend of inspiration and practical advice, perfect for anyone looking to make their mark online or seeking motivation to overcome their own challenges. Join us for a journey of resilience and ambition in the world of social media.


About The Industry Leaders Podcast

The Industry Leaders Podcast is designed for people interested in improving their body and mind… nutrition, training, business, mindset and longevity; we cover it all with world-renowned experts each week.
It’s hosted by Clean Health Founder Daine McDonald, a former personal trainer and nutrition coach, who as CEO of one of the world’s largest fitness education providers, is responsible for educating over 70,000 coaches worldwide.
His team comprises industry experts such as Layne Norton PhD, Bill Campbell PhD, Hattie Boydle, Sebastian Oreb, Brian Mark, Jackson Peos PhD, Cole Dasilva and many more!

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