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Welcome to The Industry Leaders Podcast, where WBFF Pro Maria Birova chats to some of the brightest minds in the fitness industry! 

This episode, we welcome PT, prep coach, online coach… and one of the most in-demand coaches in the WBFF, Nathan Harewood.

Nathan has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. He has won WBFF coach of the year three times and has coached close to 60 (yes, 60!) WBFF world-titles.

Nathan brings a wealth of knowledge when it comes to training, nutrition, competing, sculpting your body for the WBFF and being a successful coach – both online and in-person as well as for professionals physique competitors right through to gen-pop clients.

Tune in as we learn:   

  • How Nathan got involved with the WBFF
  • Nathan’s journey to becoming one of the world in-demand coaches across the US and Canada
  • Nathan’s tips on how to become a personable coach who retains their clients when coaching clients online
  • The qualities that amateur athletes need to embody to become a true champion physique competitor in the WBFF
  • Hacks on how to shift clients mindsets
  • Tips for how to assist clients and physique competitors through prep when 100% compliance is not possible
  • Coach hacks on how to select categories for physique competitors
  • Top tips on optimising peak week as a coach or physique competitor
  • How to navigate “post-show blues” as a coach
  • What’s in-store for Nathan Harewood – the WBFF’s most in-demand coach in the WBFF – for 2022

Plus, SO much more! 

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