Izhar Basha

Izhar Basha – Episode 8 – Industry Leaders Podcast


In episode 8 of the Clean Health Industry Leaders Podcast, we’re joined by founder and CEO of EHPLabs, Izhar Basha to discuss his leap of faith – leaving the corporate world to pursue his passion.

Izhar Basha started out his professional career as a lawyer, working 16 hour days. Eventually, this led to burn out and he realised he needed to make a change. He decided to make the move into the world of entrepreneurship, and has since grown EHPLabs into a multimillion company.

In this episode, Izhar covers:

  1. What his days were like working extreme hours as a corporate lawyer
  2. The ‘Aha’ moment that led to him taking the leap and switching career paths
  3. How fitness fits into his life and why he chose to launch his business in the fitness industry
  4. The strategies he used to build EHPLabs into a multimillion dollar business
  5.  How Covid-19 has impacted EHPLabs and how they’ve adapted
In closing, this episode will provide you with a ton of valuable insights in terms of both growing businesses and finding and pursuing your true passion. So, what are you waiting for? Tune in with the buttons below!