Lose Fat By Eating Fat!

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Just sharing a recent article I wrote for NineMSN Health on the benefits of omega 3 consumption. When people come up to my in the gym and ask for my top three essential supplements for fat loss, fish oil is always at the top of my list. Why? I will explain more in the article below but to sum it up if you want to:

  • Decrease insulin resistance
  • Ramp down inflammation throughout the body
  • Ramp down the expression of your lipogenic genes (Genes that regulate fat production)

… then start incorporating more seafood into your daily meals. In terms of omega 3 supplementation, to more accurately ascertain how much fish oil is needed for you book in to our BioSignature program to get you on track heading into 2011! We operate out of Bond St in Sydney’s CBD and North Sydney.

You can read the article here: NineMSN – Lose Fat By Eating Fat!

Healthy Omega3

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