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Dr. Layne Norton's Bundle Education Package

Training the Physique Athlete will give you the tools needed to get your clients stage ready no matter the trainee level. 


Bundle & Save

Kick start your learning experience with BioLayne’s ‘The Science of Nutrition’, based on the 2-day ‘sell-out’ seminar!
This is part one of your education experience, as you will learn a more advanced approach to nutrition which will serve as a ‘prerequisite’ to Training the Physique Athlete.

The Science of Nutrition will allow you to create tailored nutritional general population clients, all the way through to advanced athletes for sports such as powerlifting and more when it comes to achieving ultimate body composition transformations.

You will learn in great detail not only the science of fat loss, but how to apply it practically when it comes to nutritional program design to maximise fat loss transformations with beginner, intermediate and advanced trainees.

What is covered in this course?

  • How to design comp prep plans for physique athletes across all categories
  • To modulate calories and nutritional periodisation to maximise client results.
  • The right training methods for hypertrophy, fat loss and improving lagging body parts to create a stage ready physique
  • Cardio systems to maximise your physique when and where required.
  • The tools needed to peak someone appropriately and safely based on their category and trainee level.
  • How to properly ‘reverse diet’ the physique athlete
  • Training methods and coaching tools to promote recovery without rebounding.


On completion of The Science of Nutrition, you are ready to advance to the next level of your education with BioLayne and Clean Health Fitness Institute with Training The Physique Athlete. Also based on the 2 day ‘sell-out- seminar that was presented on Layne Norton’s Australia tour!

Training the Physique Athlete will give you the tools needed to get your clients stage ready no matter the trainee level. On completion of this course you will know how to design evidence based training programs to maximise hypertrophy, overall body symmetry and fat loss along with nutritional plans, supplement protocols and coaching strategies with your clients to achieve maximal results whether they are prepping for bikini, fitness, bodybuilding or physique irrespective of the federation.

If you are a ‘Comp Prep Coach’ or you want to be, then this is the course for you!