Become a specialist personal trainer able to maximise results and grow your business!

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Become a specialist personal trainer able to maximise results and grow your business!

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SIS50215 Diploma in Fitness (Advanced Exercise Specialist)


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this course includes:

Who is it for

1. Do you want to evolve your PT qualification and become an expert coach, learning the latest evidence-based, practical information in advanced program design for fat loss, hypertrophy, athletic performance, and body re-composition?

2. Do you want to evolve your PT qualification and become an expert coach in corrective exercise prescription, for both prehab and rehab with clients from all demographics and skill level?

3. Do you want to learn the science behind sports performance and how you can increase athletic potential in athletes from all ranges including junior all the way through to elite level?

4. Do you want to learn how to grow and scale your fitness business using the power of social media and online digital marketing?

5. Do you want to learn a scientifically based system for getting clients results that are repeatable and will separate you from your competition?

6. Do you want to improve your business leadership and decision-making skills, so that you waste less time moving towards your career goals?

7. Do you want to improve your ability to create partnerships with allied health professionals, to create an internal referral system that continues to grow your fitness business within your local community?

8. Would you like to learn from our experience of coaching over 250,000 personal training clients and educating over 25,000 fitness professionals from around the world since 2008?

9. Simply put, if you are looking to become a personal trainer who will change the lives of all clients you come into contact with then this program is for you!

Our Diploma of Fitness qualification will give you the formal tools needed to take your career to new heights!


The SIS50215 Diploma 0f Fitness is an officially recognized Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) level 5 qualification.

This program combines 1 formal qualification and 2 certifications, including an elective stream of either advanced program design or fitness business, helping you develop all the skills you need to become an industry-leading, specialist personal trainer from the comfort of your own home with our 100% online e-learning student experience!

You will learn everything you need to become a world class, exercise specialist in the fields of advanced program design for all client goals with our Diploma in Fitness Program, our nationally recognised diploma level qualification provided by Australian Government Accredited registered training organisation provider CHFI RTO Holdings Pty Ltd provider no: 40538.

Program Inclusions


1. SIS50215 Diploma of Fitness (Advanced Exercise Specialist)


2. CHPDM Program Design Mastery

3. Chose ONE elective Stream of either

Option 1: CHSME Social Media Essentials for PTs
Option 2: SSIC1 Strength System International Certification Level 1

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for the SIS50215 Diploma of Fitness qualification are the following:

1. You must have held a Certificate IV in Fitness (SIS40210 or SIS40215) for 12 months

2. You must have attained Provide First Aid Certificate (HLTAID011) and be Current

CHFI Student difference

Clean Health Fitness Institute was founded by personal trainer, industry legend and company Managing Director Daine McDonald in 2008.

Since then, we’ve educated over 30,000 personal trainers and fitness professionals in over 30 different countries, both in person and online via our cutting-edge e-learning platform.

During this time, we’ve also coached over 250,000 personal training sessions in our boutique gyms. Which is exactly why you know that your Master Coach Program is designed by people who have walked the walk.


We have educated many of the top influencers, personal trainers and #fitpros around the globe and have been featured in Oxygen Magazine, The Daily Telegraph, the Sydney Morning Herald, Men’s Fitness, MeFit Pro summit in Dubai, and Filex summit in Australia.

We have also partnered with numerous industry titans from around the world, including Layne Norton PhD, Dmitry Klokov, Sebastian Oreb, Charles Poliquin, Bill Campbell PhD, Phil Learney, Christian Thibaudeau and many more.

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Core Modules

With over 250 lessons spread out over 50 action-packed modules, our interactive and engaging online learning portal was designed to make your student education experience as results driven as possible, whilst still being fun!


So are you ready to enhance and evolve your skill set as a personal trainer and open up a whole new world of potential career possibilities with our Diploma in Fitness Qualification?



Career Paths

Upon completion of the Diploma of Fitness, you will have dramatically increased your skill set and knowledge base as a personal trainer and fitness professional. You will now have the ability to get numerous job titles globally including and not limited to the following:

1. Advanced Exercise Specialist

2. Personal Training Manager

3. Gym General Manager

4. Athletic Conditioning Trainer

5. Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist

Bonus Inclusions

As a Clean Health Fitness Institute certified personal trainer, you will join a global network of over 30,000 fitness professionals who have either become certified through us or enrolled in our continuing education programs.

Throughout your Diploma of Fitness student learning experience, you will receive the following bonus inclusions:

1. Online support through our student support team to help you with your exams or anything else you need help with to complete your studies.

2. Exclusive Clean Health Fitness Institute digital certificate that you can print and add to your office or gym set up, showcasing you being certified by the industry leaders!

3. Online registration to our global trainer directory, so that people in your local country can look up Clean Health Fitness Institute certified coaches to help them on their fitness journey.

4. Access to exclusive Clean Health Fitness Institute certified coach offers, discounts and promos on our wide array of online courses, webinars and online offerings with industry leaders such as Sebastian Oreb, Layne Norton PhD, Bill Campbell PhD, Christian Thibaudeau, and more!

5. Access to our exclusive student group, where you will have access to our world leading educators to help you on your journey within the fitness industry now and ongoing.

6. Downloadable nutrition and training templates that you can implement straight away!

7. Access to exclusive student only special promotions and offers for a variety of our industry-based courses and products.

And much more!

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