Results based diet program design software for fitness professionals!

The Old Way

Diet design for clients can be time consuming and ineffective!

The iNutrition Pro Way!

Quick, Easy, Fully Customized, Professional Meal plans... Created in Minutes!

iNutriton Pro helps you create calorie specific, structured diets with over several hundred nutrition templates in as little as 2 minutes!

Watch the video above to see how easy it really is

All you need is your client’s weight and goal and, 2 minutes later, you can have a branded, macro and micronutrient specific meal plan that will not only help maximize your client’s results but take your business professionalism to the next level!

World Class Features

Built by personal trainers for personal trainers, iNutrition Pro has a ton of features designed to help your personal training or fitness business, including: 

Software History

Co-founded by Clean Health company founder Daine McDonald, and our Head of Research & Development Stefan Ianev in 2014, our software was originally created internally for the personal trainers operating out of our Clean Health gym’s, which serviced over 250,000 personal training sessions between 2008-2018.

It was one of the primary coaching tools that allowed our personal trainers to build up a world leading reputation for excellence and results, simplifying the coaching methods, and cutting back the administrative time it usually takes for coaches to create diets. 

So, the secret is out – you can now gain access to this proprietary, revolutionary software to use with client yourselves! 

Here are some results our coaches get using iNutrition Pro

This software was created by trainers for trainers, which rings true today as our entire coaching staff along with the software’s founders are actively involved in the software’s continuous evolution. 

About iNutrition Pro

iNutrition Pro is today the world’s leading nutrition and diet software available for health and fitness professionals. With unparalleled detail, user customization, and overall usability, our software was created with two main goals:  

iNutrition Pro prides itself on being at the forefront of nutrition and dietary advice for fitness professionals through not only constantly evolving our product user experience and functions, but also ensuring the latest science and research is applied to the nutritional systems, guidance and advice given throughout our software. 

With the ability to create calorie, macro, and food specific meal plans that are customized to you or your client’s weight and/or body fat % in under a minute, there truly is no other product like it on the market worldwide today. 

Who is it for?

iNutrition Pro was designed by personal trainers for personal trainers and is engineered to help you get better client results & help you earn a greater income. 

Are you a personal trainer, strength coach, or fitness professional who… 

If you said yes to any of the above, then iNutrition Pro is for you! 

Software FAQ

Less than 30 minutes! iNutrition Pro is extremely intuitive and easy to use. We have straightforward video tutorials that walk you through the process.  

Getting set up takes minutes. Creating meals plans is as simple as a couple of clicks. 

No, you don’t!  

iNutrition Pro offers billing on a month-to-month basis. There are no contracts whatsoever, so you’re not locked into anything long term.  

You can cancel at any time. Of course, if you want to maximize your savings, we also offer annual plans.  

Visit the fees section HERE for more information!  

We sure do! iNutrition Pro offers a 7-day free trial. Just click below to start your free trial instantly!  

Click here to start your free trial. 

Absolutely not! You can create ANY diet plan you can think of within minutes. Everything is fully customizable in a matter of seconds! 

Yes, you can add you own foods, supplements, and meal recipes to iNutrition Pro! – This is YOUR software, do it YOUR way!  


Yes, you can add your own logo to iNutrition Pro, as well as customize the colour theme to match your own fitness business brand. 



Every fitness professional hopes to accomplish the same thing: help more people with what we’re all passionate about…and earn more money doing it. Of course, the only way to accomplish this is for our clients to have a structured plan that gets results.  

 Sitting on the sidelines as fitness pro’s and being spectators just won’t cut it. iNutrition Pro is the industry’s most comprehensive and customizable diet plan software. It’s designed to increase client adherence and results.  

More individualization & more structure leads to better client results – and that’s the foundation for a successful client transformation and long term client retention. 




Dietary Insurance Cover

Thanks to iNutrition Pro, you can now get completely insured to provide diet and nutritional programs, without needing to go through the long and painful channels that are usually required.

Due to the exclusive partnership between Clean Health & iNutrition Pro, you will be eligible for insurance coverage when you complete the Clean Health Performance Nutrition Coach Level 1 (PNC1) course. 

Your Investment

For a limited time all plans come with a 4 week Free trial!


USD $15 Month
  • Personal Use


USD $65 Month
  • 1-50 Clients
Pay Monthly
Pay Yearly


US $67 Month
  • 1-25 Clients


US $87 Month
  • 26-50 Clients


US $107 Month
  • 51+ Clients


US $17 Month
  • Personal Use


US $603 Yearly
  • 1-25 Clients
  • Save $201


US $783 Yearly
  • 26-50 Clients
  • Save $261


US $963 Yearly
  • 51+ Clients
  • Save $321


US $153 Yearly
  • Personal Use
  • Save $51

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