Strength System


Level 2

The strength certification from one of the world’s leading strength coaches!

Strength System

Certification Level2

By Sebastian Oreb ( The Australian Strength Coach )

The strength certification from one of the world’s leading strength coaches!


USD $497.00

payment plan
$107 usd /month


USD $497.00

payment plan

$107 /month

this course includes:

  • 5 Modules

  • 50+

  • 12 months course Access

  • On Demand Lessons

  • Downloadable Templates

  • 100% Online Exams

  • 4 Modules

  • 50+ Lessons

  • 12 months course Access

  • On Demand Video Lessons

  • Downloadable Templates

  • 100% Online Exams

Who is it for

1. Are you a personal trainer, athletic trainer or strength coach who wants to get your clients strong, athletic and pain free?

2.Are you looking to expand your existing knowledge of strength training and coaching, learning the key terminologies and different ways exercises can be modified to produce varying results through technique focus via our interactive and engaging online practical tutorials?

3. Are you looking to learn the fundamentals of movement kinetics and biomechanics terminology and how these are applied within a strength training context?

4. Are you looking to explore the history of periodization and the different programming approaches used today to develop your understanding of the pros and cons of each and how this can be used in your own coaching or training?

5. Are you looking to learn systems and methods that are proven to get results with a wide range of clientele, taking into account the different backgrounds, limitations and goals of each individual?

6. Are you looking to understand how to apply injury prevention strategies into your training plans, so you can ensure clients are maximizing results while remaining free from pain and injury?

7. Are you looking to learn the art of coaching and how to develop effective communication with your athletes to tailor your coaching to different personality types, using individualized cuing and sports psychology?


You will learn the science behind program design for strength and athletic performance. You will also learn in depth all about movement biomechanics and functional anatomy for strength, giving you an incredible array of academic knowledge needed to understand why you should use certain lifts and how to apply them in your programming.

You will learn all about periodization for strength and athletic development, along with in depth strategies to maximise prehab and rehab conditions for your athletes.

Course Curriculum

With over 50 lessons spread out over 4 action-packed modules based on over 150 peer-reviewed studies, our interactive and engaging online learning portal is designed to make your student education experience as results driven as possible, whilst still being fun!

The modules covered in SSIC2 are as follows: 

Module 1: Movement Biomechanics (SSIC21)

Module 2: Functional Anatomy for Strength (SSIC22)

Module 3: Program Design & Periodization (SSIC23)

Module 4: Prehab Prescription for Performance (SSIC24)

Combined, these modules will truly take your skillset as a personal trainer to new heights, allowing you to make a lifelong change and positive impact on your clients’ strength development and performance!

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Bonus Inclusions

As a Clean Health Fitness Institute certified coach, you will join a global network of over 30,000 fitness professionals who have either become certified through us or enrolled in our continuing education programs.

As a certified Performance Nutrition Coach you will receive the following bonus inclusions as part of this course:

1. Online support through our student support team to help you with your exams or anything else you need help with to complete this online course.

2. Exclusive Clean Health Fitness Institute digital certificate that you can print to add to your office or gym set up, showcasing you being certified by the industry leaders!

3. Online registration to our global trainer directory, so that people in your local country can look up Clean Health Fitness Institute certified coaches to help them on their fitness journey.

4. Access to exclusive Clean Health Fitness Institute certified coach offers, discounts and promos on our wide array of online courses, webinars and online offerings with industry leaders such as Sebastian Oreb, Layne Norton and more!

5. Access to our exclusive student group, where you get access to our world leading educators to help you on your journey within the fitness industry now and ongoing.

6. Downloadable nutrition and training templates that you can implement straight away to start coaching world leading results right now!

And much more!

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