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Do you want to become an online personal trainer who gets results using evidence-based practices and stands out in a sea of ‘influencers’ within 6 months?

The Clean Health Online Personal Trainer Certification ® is the world’s leading online fitness coaching course in personal training and nutrition coaching.

In it, you’ll learn directly from industry experts like Dr Layne Norton, Dr Bill Campbell, Brian Mark, Hattie Boydle, Cole Da Silva and Sebastian Oreb in program design, nutrition and how to build a successful online personal business.

Join countless Clean Health students worldwide, earning $5000+ monthly (and much more) as online personal trainers!

What's Included?

Your science-backed foundational to becoming a true nutrition expert!

RRP: $1,197 USD

Everything you need to know to become a master in program design.

RRP: $1,197 USD

Learn how to become a pro on social media to scale your business in the digital space.

RRP: $597 USD

Insider systems and processes to skyrocket the growth of your fitness business.

RRP: $297 USD

Learn how to program reverse diets from industry icon Dr. Layne Norton.

RRP: $297 USD

Learn the foundation of lower body training from the worlds’ best strength coach, Sebastian Oreb.

RRP: $297 USD

This certification contains advanced nutrition, training and fitness business methods to help you become an expert online personal trainer.

Master the initial consultation & advanced diagnostic tools.
Corrective exercise prescription for posture, strength & more.
Structural balance assessment for the lower & upper body.
Cutting-edge research in fat loss, hypertrophy, and more.
Advanced program design and periodisation for fat loss.
Program design & periodisation for strength development.
Advanced program design for hypertrophy and body recomp.
Energy systems and cardio training methodologies.
Prescribing evidence-based diet and meal plans.
How to coach transformations on repeat systematically.
Supplementation for general health and sports performance.
Nutrition Systems 101
The science of stress and the latest research on meditation.
How to build a 6, and even 7-figure online fitness business.

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