Top 5 Tips to Motivate Your Clients

Written by Lauren Irvine There’s nothing more exciting for a client than starting a new program with a coach. Motivation is often high in the beginning, with clients determined to hit their goals. But a few weeks in, they may not be getting results as quickly as they thought, or they’re not as enthusiastic about […]

Strength Vs Hypertrophy Training

Written by Master Coach Kim Leggett When it comes to goal-specific resistance training, understanding the acute training variables and how to change these over time in order to elicit the right results is one of the most-challenging aspects of programming. Variables such as exercise selection, sequence, sets, reps, rest periods and time under tension will […]

Could your estrogen levels be affecting where you store body fat?

The theory that estrogen determines where you store the most body fat comes from the original work by coach Charles Poliquin. Initially called Biosignature, then Bioprint and the final version being Metabolic Analytics. It was originally developed by comparing blood tests for hormone levels and skin caliper measures of a lot of high level athletes. […]

Train for your Neurotransmitter Profile

  Training periodisation for your neurotransmitter profile by Christian Thibaudeau. Periodization means dividing the training into periods, with each period having a specific purpose. This is a topic I cover in-depth in my ONLINE ‘Advanced Program Design’ certification with Clean Health Fitness Institute. There are several types of periodization: Long-to-short Linear: this is the traditional […]

Q&A with Industry Titan Christian Thibaudeau

Editor’s Note: Ahead of legendary strength coach and human performance expert Christian Thibaudeau coming out to Australia for his seminar series tour with us in Sydney and Melbourne, we sat down and asked him a few questions about life and what students can expect. For more information visit our seminar pages for his Advanced Program […]