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Bulk Up This Winter

    By Amy Needham Bulk Up This Winter How to build some serious lean muscle over winter as a woman without feeling ‘masculine’’. Firstly, let’s address the elephant in the room… weight training WON’T make you bulky ladies! Why women don’t/can’t get ‘bulky’: Women don’t possess the hormonal profile or the muscle fibre types […]

Why You Should Try Carb Cycling

By Stefan Ianev Why You Should Try Carb Cycling Carb cycling was all the rage a few years back, but these days you rarely hear anyone really talk about it or see personal trainers using it with their clients. That’s because the pendulum has now swung too far in the opposite direction. These days it’s […]

5 Signs You Need A New Coach

By Master Coach Amy Needham 5 Signs You Need A New Coach Is your coach giving you the best possible services at all times, or do you expect more from them? If you’re someone who needs or expects more from your current coach, chances are that it’s time that you get a new coach. At […]

Healthy Hot Cross Buns

By Clean Health Fitness Institute This Easter weekend, it is likely that a large proportion of your macros and/or calories will be spent up on gold Lindt bunnies, Ferrerro Rocher chocolates and of course, hot cross buns! This delicious Healthy Hot Cross Buns recipe for homemade has been created by personal chef and WBFF Bikini […]

Why you are not seeing results after 12 months of dieting?

By Mark Carroll. Have you been dieting for 12 month, but haven’t been able to see consistent results. Why? Probably because you’ve not been dieting for 12 months! Dieting for a long period of time Here’s the thing, when people diet for long periods of time, they think they’ve been in calorie deficit that entire […]

How to maximise recovery for better results?

By Mark Carroll. Training & recovery go hand in hand! They say you’re only as good as your last session so you need to maximise recovery to perform better achieve better results. It’s amazing that society is focusing more on training and exercise but it’s becoming apparent that recovery is being overlooked. If you want […]

Could your estrogen levels be affecting where you store body fat?

The theory that estrogen determines where you store the most body fat comes from the original work by coach Charles Poliquin. Initially called Biosignature, then Bioprint and the final version being Metabolic Analytics. It was originally developed by comparing blood tests for hormone levels and skin caliper measures of a lot of high level athletes. […]

Train for your Neurotransmitter Profile

Training periodisation for your neurotransmitter profile by Christian Thibaudeau.   Periodization means dividing the training into periods, with each period having a specific purpose. This is a topic I cover in-depth in my ONLINE ‘Advanced Program Design’ certification with Clean Health Fitness Institute. There are several types of periodization: Long-to-short Linear: this is the traditional […]

How To Properly Activate Your Glutes

Everyone wants to grow their glutes but one of the biggest problems is an inability to feel or active them. Simply, you’re not growing a muscle you can’t feel. This typically results in hamstring dominance or back issues as these regions are forced to compensate and do more work. How to fix this issue: Use […]

Exercise Selection for the Gen Pop Client

By now all of you would have seen a few interesting takes to the way I do program design for the General Population Client. Since releasing the Art of Gen Pop Transformations Guide Book one of the biggest questions I am consistently being asked is “why do you not squat and deadlift with the Gen […]

Structuring your training week

Structuring the training week for yourself or your clients is necessary to allow for optimal recovery while enhancing performance and physique results. Key factors to consider when programming include: Some sessions or exercises have a larger residual training effect than others. Simply the fatigue or tax from these sessions is bigger and can impact other […]

Should your knees travel past your toes when squatting?

Having the correct knee positioning when squatting is essential to increasing the weight for yourself or your clients. It’s a common misconception the knees shouldn’t travel past the toes when squatting. When the knees are positioned over the toes it may provoke a pre-existing injury, but it’s unlikely to be the true cause. Instead, you […]

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