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Q&A with Industry Titan Christian Thibaudeau

Editor’s Note: Ahead of legendary strength coach and human performance expert Christian Thibaudeau coming out to Australia for his seminar series tour with us in Sydney and Melbourne, we sat down and asked him a few questions about life and what students can expect. For more information visit our seminar pages for his Advanced Program […]

Exercise Selection for the Gen Pop Client

By now all of you would have seen a few interesting takes to the way I do program design for the General Population Client. Since releasing the Art of Gen Pop Transformations Guide Book one of the biggest questions I am consistently being asked is “why do you not squat and deadlift with the Gen […]

Can I get a spot, bro?

In the last few days I’ve had several young dudes approach me on the gym floor and ask me for a spot.  As I was in the middle of my own workout and it’s also not my place to give unsolicited advice I politely went over to lend a helping hand very well knowing what was about […]

How to accelerate body comp results

Did you know continuous glucose monitoring is key to accelerate body comp transformations? Carbohydrates and sugars significantly effect body composition due to changes in blood sugar levels. In simple terms, the higher the average blood sugar level and the greater the blood sugar fluctuations, the harder is it to get lean, stay lean and build […]

Structuring your training week

Structuring the training week for yourself or your clients is necessary to allow for optimal recovery while enhancing performance and physique results. Key factors to consider when programming include: Some sessions or exercises have a larger residual training effect than others. Simply the fatigue or tax from these sessions is bigger and can impact other […]

How to Determine your Neurological Profile

Your neurological profile determines the way you act, think, and connect with others and the world around you. While there are many things that make you, you, the role of chemical messengers in your brain – called neurotransmitters – is massive. We can have balanced neurotransmitters, deficiencies in some, and dominance in others. All of […]

How to work out your macros

It is important to remember macronutrients do not determine the rate of fat loss, but they directly affect how we feel when dieting. Having the correct macro breakdown can drive up performance and maximise compliance. A badly constructed macro breakdown can lead to poor adherence and very low energy levels. The simple approach to use […]

Should your knees travel past your toes when squatting?

Having the correct knee positioning when squatting is essential to increasing the weight for yourself or your clients. It’s a common misconception the knees shouldn’t travel past the toes when squatting. When the knees are positioned over the toes it may provoke a pre-existing injury, but it’s unlikely to be the true cause. Instead, you […]

Three ways to grow

  There are numerous ways to apply the art of program design, one main goal for many is to build lean muscle. Here are three key mechanisms that must be present to achieve this: Mechanical tension: Mechanical tension disrupts the cell membrane which triggers protein synthesis. The maximum tension on a muscle is achieved at […]

Understanding the Adaptations of a Calorie Deficit

Eating in a calorie deficit will generally elicit fat loss. Sounds simple enough, right? However, when we disrupt homeostasis – the body’s method of keeping internal stability – we bring about both positive and negative adaptations. This is simply how the body works; push one pathway long enough and the body fights back. This is […]

How to optimise testosterone levels naturally

For most trainees, maintaining healthy testosterone levels is a legitimate concern. Optimising testosterone production from a functional medicine perspective is possible. We accomplish this the Clean Health Fitness Institute way: through modulating diet, lifestyle and supplementation protocols based upon correcting micro-nutrient deficiencies. Our coaches focus on building our clients from the inside out. TESTOSTERONE & […]

3 Reasons You Should Complete our PPT Coach Certification

Dear Fitness Professional, Our Performance PT Level 1 & 2 Certification Courses run by our industry-leading presenters from all over the world. It is designed to give personal trainers, physiotherapists and strength coaches optimal knowledge surrounding to the science of program design and key principles, but also advanced training systems and periodisation models for every […]

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