12 Week New Years Transformation Program – Begins January 2012!

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Well firstly let me start by saying happy new years!

Last year (2 days ago!) I talked about the importance of being specific with your goal setting and knowing what outcome you are after with your health and fitness.

One of the important points I raised was not being too afraid or unwilling to let someone else take control and responsibility of your health and fitness goals for you. With that in mind after the success we had in the last 3 months of 2011 with our summer fat loss challenge we have decided to create a new results guaranteed program designed to attain maximum fat loss and/or lean muscle gain in record time!

The key theme here is maximum – we will ensure that you get MAXIMUM results in just 12 short weeks!

We are capping the entrants at 30, so we will start two groups one week apart each. As a new years bonus, we are offering a HUGE up to 20% of our regular program prices! We have never done this before so we expect those 30 spots to fill up fast.

Here are some recent examples of client transformations in as little as 10-12 weeks!

Service: 12 Week New Years Transformation Program

Location: St Leonards and Sydney CBD

Starting dates: Group 1: Mon Jan 16th & Group 2: Mon Jan 23rd

Our Commitment:

  • You will lose a lot of body fat and/or put on a lot of lean muscle!
  • You will train one on one either four or two times per week with one of our specialist coaches
  • All of your training and nutrition programs are given to you based of your initial BioSignature and structural balance assessment
  • So you are given all the information in a detailed report that you need to follow for the 12 week period

Your Commitment:

  • You must follow everything that our coaches outline for you to achieve MAXIMUM results
  • Turn up to 95% of your booked in sessions
  • Have a positive and open-minded attitude!

Prize wise the person with the highest percentage of body fat lost in this challenge wins one month’s FREE personal training along with other gift vouchers for those in the top 3! That’s close to $1500 in prizes! For more information or to sign up fill out the form below or call us on 1300 002 711.

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