2014… Is this the year you achieve your health and fitness goals?

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*Updated: 31/12/2013 – Have updated this post from 2012 to 2014!

This post was originally written two years ago in preparation for 2012, however with 2014 upon us in just under 24 hours I figured it could do with a revision and repost!

With 2014 just upon us it is a good time to reflect on the year that was 2013. Some questions for you…

  • Did you obtain the results you were after in the gym?
  • Have you reached your peak health potential?
  • Did you do everything within your power to obtain the results you were after?

If you answered no to any of those questions you need to ask yourself why not and then think about what needs to be done to achieve them.

Some things you will need to look at but by no means all you can look at would include the following?

  • Do you need a new training partner?
  • Were you precise with your goal setting? (e.g; You want to get down to 60kg and 14% body fat by April 1st)
  • Do you need some professional coaching and assistance?
  • Do you have the support from your partner and/or family? If not then why?

All of my clients past or present – like Jes Murphy, Hannah Kimber and Zoe Daly pictured below from 2011 – did all of those things above. They had professional coaching, they were precise with their goal setting and they had a good support network around them that supported their lifestyle choice.

The results of the correct training and nutrition advice with Clean Health!

That is the most important thing to remember, obtaining your goals with your health and fitness is at the end of the day a lifestyle choice. You have to be prepared to make some sacrifices but in doing so the rewards can be great. So whether your goal is to drop down two dress sizes or if it is to get up on stage in a bikini you need to be precise with what you want and then put the steps in place to get there.

So in closing make the 2014 is the year that you reach your full potential with your health and fitness and of course… Have a happy new year!

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