Clean Health Personal Training & Performance Centre – A sneak peak of some of the equipment we are getting part 2

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As mentioned previously in this post we are opening a truly state of the art personal training facility in Sydney’s CBD this May/June 2012 which will enable us to achieve new levels of fat loss, hypertrophy and strength with our clientele.

All of our equipment has customised Clean Health logo’s ingrained into the upholstery

Along with being one of only two gym’s in Australia to carry the Watson line of dumbbell’s we will be one of only two gym’s in Sydney to carry the Atlantis line of Strength training equipment.

Atlantis has been producing some of the world’s finest strength training equipment for over 20 years and is the preferred equipment choice of world reknowned Strength Coach Charles Poliquin and is used by some of the world’s top high performance and strength and conditioning coaches.

Some of the unique pieces that we will be carrying include:

    • Pivoting bench press machines will allow you to un-rack the bar from behind to over you without the need of spotter
    • Various different pieces of leq equipment to help build your posterior chain (so glutes and hamstrings) including a standing leg curl, kneeling leg curl, lying leg curl, reverse hyper extension, glute ham raise, 45 degree incline hyperextension
    • 3 squat cages and 2 Olympic lifting platforms
    • Neck machine, allowing you to train one of the most important and untrained muscles for athletic performance

Plus many more…

Some of the equipment going into our new personal training facility

With such a wide variety of top of the line equipment available clients will have the opportunity to develop their physique like never before! To keep updated with news in regards to the opening day of our facility plus all things health and fitness be sure to LIKE our Facebook page.

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