Client Interview Of The Month – October 2011*

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Client Name: Shamina Chandran

Client Goal: Fat Loss

Results So Far: Started training at the end of May weighing 76.6kg and 30.6%, as of September she is 63.4kg and 22.8% body fat. She has also put on several kg’s of lean mass during this time. This is a great result for a 12-14 week period and realistic considering she only trains between 3-4 times per week with weights only!

SM: What made you choose Clean Health above other Personal Training companies?

SC: I loved that it did not involve cardio and focused on nutrition and fat loss. Also I was very intrigued by the Biosignature program

SM: What has your experience been with Clean Health staff and training methods?

SC: Fantastic! I train with Jes and she is such a delight to work with. She is so bubbly that is makes training fun. She works me hard though! The great thing about Clean Health is that you build a really great rapport with all the other trainers as well and it’s a great community feel. I look forward to my training days. The Biosignature program which you get to participate in when you train with Clean Health really works. It’s targeted and helps you work through your problem areas. It also holds you to account and ensures that you stay on track. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing those measurements get smaller each time.

SM: Describe the changes that you have experienced to your body since beginning with Clean Health?

SC: Initially it was dramatic weight loss which of course translated to fat loss. Now that most of the weight has come off I feel myself getting stronger and leaner. Since I started 13 weeks ago I have lost 13kg’s, dropped 8% body fat and have put on a few kg’s of lean muscle. More importantly I am starting to see tone through my midsection and am well on the way towards having some ‘abs’ come this summer!

Shamina in June (R) and Shamina in September (L) From flabby to toned!

SM: What has getting into better shape helped you achieve?

SC: I feel more confident, stronger and healthier. It has given me something else to focus on beside work! I am now 2 dress sizes smaller on my way to a 3rd dress dress size smaller. It’s such an amazing feeling.

SM: So what is the next training goal for Shamina?

SC: Getting to 17% body fat and start to build some abs!

Thank you Shamina for providing us an insight into your time so far with Clean Health and we look forward to helping her get to under 18% body fat come X’mas!



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