Education: Mark Schauss Australian Tour 2013 – The Art & Science Of Biochemical Indivduality

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For those of you whom are personal trainers, strength coaches, nutritionists, functional medicine doctors, naturopaths or are interested in learning how to optimize their own health and performance or that of their clients then we have a special treat for you.

Mark Schauss author of Achieving Victory Over A Toxic World and who is also an internationally acclaimed lecturer on the effects of environmental toxicity on human health, cognitive issues in human health and the use of laboratory testing and how to interpret the results in a clinically relevant manner will be touring Australia in early 2013 to teach his 3 day seminar entitled “The Art and Science of Biochemical Individuality”.

For those of you who are Poliquin certified BioSignature practitioners you will likely already be familiar with his work through the lab analysis course that was offered through the PSI. In this 3 day seminar Mark will further expand and delve in to great detail on the topics of lab testing, client biochemistry, electrolyte and mineral balance and how to piece all of these things together to improve a clients health or to improve their performance in the sporting arena.

Having learned a lot from Mark previously myself I for one am eagerly awaiting this one as I know it will contain a bunch of invaluable tools that my staff and I will be able to implement with our clients the following day.

A brief of what to expect can be found below:

“This seminar will be a hands-on class that will help you to utilize a variety of techniques to “read” your client’s chemistry and biochemical individuality.  You will go over numerous case studies to fully understand how the chemistry of a person manifests itself in their physical and mental attributes, and how to adjust their food and supplement intake to optimize performance and health.

A major focus of the 3-day seminar will be the proper use of laboratory tests as well as how to interpret the results easily and effectively.  Also, we will discuss how elite athletes have vastly different lab results and how to adjust for that. The discussions related to lab testing will be high on practical uses instead of theoretical ones.

Practical ways of balancing electrolytes and trace minerals will be demonstrated, along with properly reading blood pressure and heart rate to fully realize a person’s optimal potential. We will also be going over today’s newest scientific research and the most practical applications in regards to health.”

There are only 50 spots in each class and almost half in both of these are already gone after just one week of being open to the public! Course details are below:

Date and location Sydney: February 8-10, 2013

Clean Health Performance Centre

Level 2, 499-501 Kent St,

Sydney NSW 2000

Date and location Melbourne:  February 15-17, 2012

Fitline Personal Training Studio

Level M2, North Rialto Tower,

525 Collins St, Melbourne

VIC 3000

Fees: $695 through September 30, 2012 – $795 through October 31st and $895 after November 1st

For more information on the tour please contact us via email at: [email protected]



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