How to Master the Business of Transformations and Get More Clients

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Written By Clean Health Master Coach & Assessor Manny Laris

No matter how passionate you are about helping people, if you do not master this, you will miss out on a long and rewarding career in fitness.  

Now, let’s talk about how to master your business of transformations.

1. Get results

Might sound obvious, right? Well, you would be surprised by how many Personal Trainers are actually failing to deliver results and then are surprised that their business is failing. Lazy, ineffective programming and extreme dieting practices are part of the reasons for poor results being seen all across the world. Get better educated and get ‘into the business’ of transforming your client’s body and their mind.  

Also, be honest with yourself, has there ever been a time where you have struggled with a particular client, and no matter how hard you or they tried, they just simply couldn’t achieve that epic transformation they so desperately wanted? If you answered yes to that last question, you’re not alone! In fact, this has happened to the majority of coaches at some point in their careers, especially early on. The reality is, not every person is the same and not every diet or training program works for everyone, no matter how popular or ‘scientifically proven’.  

Top level coaches value their ongoing education and professional development and have the skills and expertise to be strategic and adapt to their client’s changing situation. The result? Bring on rapid transformations and happy clients! 

Commit to lifelong learning and get yourself educated by the best!  

Epic transformations will then guarantee that others take notice. Then, if you’re smart, you will leverage your client ‘before and after photos’, turning your social media channels into lead machines.  

Showcase your skills by posting educational content and client testimonials will drive awareness and set you apart from other coaches in your local community.  

What’s next?

2. Sell Results

Remember, getting results is one thing but selling those results to future clients is an entirely different skillset you need to master.  

You love what you do, right? But you still have bills to pay and goals to achieve! This is why it’s so important to understand not only the science behind getting an epic transformation, but also the right business practices.  

So, when you look at packaging your services, look at actually selling an end outcome, not just time where you charge by the session. This tip alone can skyrocket your profit margins and help you scale your fitness business quickly.   

The traditional approach of trading time for money will see you earn some great rates of $100 per session or more. But this pay-by-the-session, no locked in or minimum time frame commitment, will inevitably lead to coach burnout. Plus, clients can cancel at any time so there is zero financial stability. You get stuck in the rut of work more to earn more.   

Working and charging hour-by hour, results in the trainer chasing their tail and burning out.  

Alternatively, you could be trading value by selling results. In other words, you’re charging for a specific outcome. An example of this may be a 12-week program for $2000 which includes X, Y, Z in order to help the client achieve their desired outcome.  

Not only are you charging more upfront and guaranteeing an income for you over a longer period, but your client is more likely to get a result with a fixed commitment.  

Ultimately, if you want to master the transformation business you need to level up as a Coach to deliver results, and equally as important, you need to sell results and stop trading your time for money.  

If you are interested in learning more about how to design nutrition and training plans for your clients, both short and long-term using the principles of specificity and periodisation to ensure you get results again and again no matter the client background, check out our FREE online course Fat Loss Fundamentals here.

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