So you think women can’t get lean lifting heavy weights?

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Let me run through a recent discussion I had during an initial consultation with a new Clean Health Female Fat Loss Client (FFLC). I got inspired to write something up like this after reading one of Coach Poliquin’s recent blog posts describing other common scenario’s faced by personal trainer’s and strength coaches the world over. Sadly these type of questions from clients are by no means a once only occurrence!

FFLC: So you use weights to help people lose fat not cardio?

Me: Yes, lifting weights is the primary training tool that I use to help women lose fat and get lean

FFLC: Really?

Me: Yes, really

FFLC: But I already lift weights and have not seen any changes with my physique in over a year!

Me: How often do you lift weights?

FFLC: I do 1-2 pump classes per week



Me: (Takes a deep calming breath)

Me: Okay… doing a pump class is not what I consider lifting weights. Apart from the fact that the majority of the exercises are not done through a full range of motion which can lead to an increased chance of injury and developing structural imbalances, the load used is barely enough to elicit the motor unit activation required to gain any sort of lean muscle

FFLC: Really? I never knew that. Could that be the reason why I have this constant back and knee pain?

Me: That’s okay nobody is perfect. With your back and knee pain squatting for five minutes continuously with limited range and doing five minutes of 90 degree lunges in the same manner are two sure fire ways to increase your chances of developing pain in those two areas

FFLC: Ahh… again I never knew that

Me: Again nobody is perfect. You need to be lifting weights – so dumbbell’s and barbell’s – 3-4 x per week if you want to achieve any sort of real result

FFLC: 3-4 x per week! Then what about my cardio classes?

Me: What about them?

FFLC: When will I do them?

Me: Hopefully not anytime soon

FFLC: Are you serious?

Me: Deadly. Has your current aerobic class exercise routine given you any results?

FFLC: … no

Me: Okay I want to show you something. See these girls?

Sally Matterson – 2011 ANB Asia Pacifics 3rd Place Fitness Model
Claud Newton – 2009 ANB Asia Pacifics 1st Place Sports Model
Zoe Daly – 2011 ANB Asia Pacifics 1st Place Fitness Model


FFLC: Wow! They look amazing. I want to look like that!

Me: Well they are all clients of mine and guess what? They look like that because they lift weights first and foremost, do limited amounts of aerobic training and each probably eat more protein than both sides of your entire family combined on a daily basis

FFLC: !!! Really?

Me: Yes really

FFLC: Okay so you are saying those girls mainly lift weights and do limited amounts of cardio training?

Me: Bingo!

FFLC: Wow that’s amazing

Me: What is even more amazing is that in some cases they are lifting more than most men

FFLC: You can’t be serious?

Me: I am always serious, perhaps too much for my own good. See this video? It is of my client and Clean Health Trainer Jes Murphy

FFLC: Wow! How much weight is that between her legs?

Me: 20kg’s, she actually did that in a depleted state during a nutritional cleanse I had her do… but that is a topic for another day

FFLC: She looks very athletic!

Me: Well this is what she actually looks like…










FFLC: I want legs and a midsection like that!

Me: Then you have to follow my instructions and start focusing more on weight training… agreed?

FFLC: You have sold me! When can we begin?!

In closing if you are a woman who is sick of being stuck with that same body day in and day out CONTACT US TODAY so that we can help transform your physique using yes… weight training!

Yours in health,

Update 20/08, note: Due to the incredible response we have had come in through our website in relation to this article for those around Australia or overseas we can help you via our ONLINE PERSONAL TRAINING PROGRAM. We currently cater to clients Australia wide along with our current international clients in New Zealand, Canada and the USA.


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