Transformations that SELL! Our Guide for Taking Transformation Photos

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Written by Online Master Coach, Jade McKee

Transformation photos are one of the best marketing tools you can use as an online coach. Why? Because results sell!

This is your opportunity to showcase the work your client has put in, AND the results you have been able to help your client to achieve! So don’t let this opportunity pass you by. 

Your client’s initial photo is the MOST important photo of all. This is where their journey is just beginning – you client’s ‘BEFORE’ shot. Although your client may not be 100% happy with how they feel or look at this stage, being able to look back and see their progress, and the physical changes they have made, is such an important part of this journey.

We recommend that your client takes their progress photos at LEAST fortnightly, if not weekly, while working with you – right up until their very last ‘AFTER’ photo, when they’ve made it to their goal! Then, the transformation can be revealed!

Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your clients’ progress photos:

1. The Background
Make sure your client is standing against a plain, white wall for their photos. Avoid busy backgrounds, as they can take the focus away from your client and their results.

2. The Lighting
Encourage your client to use natural lighting where possible. If this is not possible, a brightly lit room will do.

3. What to Wear
Your client should wear whatever they feel comfortable in. Encourage your female clients to wear a crop top and shorts, or a bikini if they feel comfortable. Male clients should wear shorts or their underwear, again- if they feel comfortable. This will ensure you will be able to get all the visual feedback you need – without excess clothing in the way.

4. How to Stand
There will be 3 positions for your client to move through – front, side, and back. Your client should be standing relaxed in each position, with their arms by their sides.

5. Keep it Consistent
Encourage your client to take their photo in the same place, at the same time of day, with the same lighting, and wearing the same clothing – each and every time. Keeping all of these factors consistent will make it easier to identify changes to your client’s physique over time, and will make for more professional-looking comparison photos.

6. How to Take the Photo
Selfies are not ideal for progress photos. Remind your client that most phones will now have a self-timer photo function – which is the perfect option for progress photos. OR they could take a video of themselves slowly moving from position to position, and take screen-shots of the video. Remind your client not to cut their feet off in the photo too! Full body photos are best – with space both above and below your client in the photo.

But what if they don’t WANT to take the photo?

When you have a client who is quite self-conscious, they may refuse to provide you with an initial photo. If this is the case – negotiate! Would they be willing to provide you with a photo, provided they are a little more covered up? If yes – great! Obviously it’s not ideal, but having something is going to be better than nothing!Whether they do agree to do a more covered photo or not – ask that they still TAKE the photos, as outlined above, for their OWN record. They don’t have to give them to you – unless they change their mind after reaching their goal, of course! One regret we find clients can have, is NOT taking that initial photo, so not having the PROOF of their transformation to show their family and friends.

So in this case, encourage your client to take the photo!So not only will you be getting amazing transformations with your clients, but by following the guidelines outlined above – you’ll have a set of amazing progress photos too, as the perfect marketing tool to help grow your coaching business.

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