Managing Your Time to Optimize Results

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As an online coach, some days it might feel that you just don’t have enough hours in the day. This is why it’s important that you PLAN your week – structuring each day to ensure you are maximizing both your time AND the results you will be getting with your clients.

A great way to do this is through the use of systems. Systems can help to ensure you are working efficiently, by helping you to manage how a number of tasks are completed each day. These might include how your client sessions are scheduled, how check-in’s are completed, how communication with a client is conducted, and how you complete you client’s programming.

Before looking into these different systems, let’s explore how you can start maximizing your time right NOW!

Take the time to plan your day
If you prefer to use a pen and paper, purchase a diary. Otherwise you can use an online program like Google Calendar. Plan both your day, and your WHOLE week in advance. You won’t be able to maximise your time if you don’t have a clear picture of what needs to be done! Schedule your upcoming business into blocks throughout the day, grouping tasks that are similar together where possible. This might include blocking out a few hours each day to work on educational material for your social media platforms, client programming, to spend replying to messages and emails, or making phone calls.

Have set days and times scheduled each week to complete your check in’s, or to provide your clients with any updates they may need
If you can group your check-in’s together during the week, it will allow you to work efficiently, maximising your time, and will give you more free time over the rest of the week. On that note – do your best to AVOID multi-tasking! While it might seem like you are being productive, research has shown it actually makes you LESS productive during your work day (1).

Each day, start your work day by choosing the three main tasks you need to focus on completing THAT DAY as a priority
Start with the task you are looking forward to the LEAST! Once that has been taken care of the rest of your day will feel like a breeze.

It can be easy to do when you are on a roll, but don’t forget the importance of taking breaks during the day! Schedule these in too!

Now, back to systems…
When you set out your expectations with your client right from day one, let them know how communication will take place – whether through email, phone, text, or an app such as WhatsApp. Let your client know the timeframe in which they will receive replies, and any other stipulations you might have for using this communication source.

Use a scheduling program such as MindBody to keep track of your client appointments. This type of program will also be able to track the number of sessions you client has attended, so it only takes a click of the mouse to check. Accounting software can also be useful to help manage payments, and invoices for your clients.

Use an app such as Trainerize for your client programming. On top of creating, and storing, training programs for all your clients – this can provide you with an all-in-one program for storing client information. Your client will be able to submit progress photos, their initial consult form, log their weight and measurements, link the app to MyFitnessPal to track their calories, record the weights lifted each session, and the progress being made following their training plan. Having one location means time saved when it comes to check-ins!

Having systems such as these in place will allow you to structure your week efficiently, maximizing both your time AND the results you will get with your clients. With your new-found ‘free’ time you can then continue to grow your business and build your brand.

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