Industry Leaders Podcast – Dr. Bill Campbell, “Building Your Ultimate Body as Part of a Maintainable Lifestyle”

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This week in Episode 8, we speak to world-renowned Professor of Exercise Science and Nutrition, Dr. Bill Campbell.

Bill is a professor, researcher, author and a specialist in physique enhancement. He is one of the fitness industry’s foremost experts in all things exercise and nutrition for optimising your physique.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

– How Bill got started in the fitness industry
– Bill’s approach to dieting and writing diets for clients
– Bill’s philosophy on resistance training to change your physique and sculpt your body
– Bill’s approach to research and interpreting scientific data
– Bill’s hacks and tips for finding the best diet and exercise regime for YOU (AND your clients!)

Check out Bill’s ‘Building Your Ultimate Physique Guide’ here:

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