Season 2 | Episode 10 -Daine McDonald, “Your Habits Will Define your Success”

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This week in Episode 10, we speak to none other than our very own, Daine McDonald.

“Your habits will define your success”

– Daine McDonald

Tune in as we speak to PT, coach, entrepreneur, business mogul, father and husband – Daine McDonald!

As the founder of Clean Health and an entrepreneur, join us as Maria Birova picks Daine’s brain on everything from his early years in the fitness industry, what he’s learnt from his mentors, his ‘secret sauce’ to selling and his hacks for growth!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

– How Daine got started in the fitness industry
– Daine’s approach to investing in yourself and your career
– Daine’s hacks for ‘selling’ yourself and your services (having completed over 10,000 sales consults and generated millions and millions of dollars of revenue)
– Daine’s tips for productivity
– Daine’s advice for starting in the fitness industry and for scaling any business or any kind!
– And so much more!

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