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Shannon Cleary

I’ve been in the fitness industry since 1992 and during that time I thought that I had done, seen and knew it all. That was until I met Daine McDonald. I then realised I was surrounded by so many “pretenders” and that there was so much more to learn about health and training that goes way beyond the aerobics studio.

I had suffered a multitude of health problems in the past such as anorexia, bulimia, fatigue, depression, but also struggled with my shape and I desperately needed to personally improve on my health as I was not “well” like so many others in the industry. Even though a trainer myself I knew even I needed help so I turned to who I believed to be the most dedicated, educated and inspiring trainer out there – I turned to Daine McDonald and the BioSignature system.

I made the right choice – BioSignature not only changed my body shape and corrected all of my health problems but he changed my life for the better. BioSignature got me into the BEST shape of my life and I have never been so lean, healthy and strong!

The difference with Daine and the BioSignature system is that he got me there the healthy and sensible way and not through the sick unhealthy, calorie controlled methods that so many others utilise to get people into shape. Using the BioSignature system I am now able to stay comfortably between 13-15% body fat all year round. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone out there!

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