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By Lauren Killey

Now is the time to take your personal training and coaching business online! There has been a boom of online coaching and online classes as they are accessible, convenient and means both coach and client can work together from the comfort of their own homes, whilst making connections to those all around the world.

The first step to becoming a successful online coach is to build a presence.

To succeed in this new, global, industry you need to be SEEN and HEARD. You need to have a strong brand and clear online presence. Social media will be the best tool to start your journey and build your brand. This means using Instagram, Facebook, twitter, YouTube etc to build your following. You will need a PLAN and CONSISTENCY.

Start with a one-month social media schedule. Note down the platforms you will be using, and the type of content you will need to produce. As a coach, you want to share your knowledge and expertise in your area. Workout videos, blog posts, tips for training and nutrition etc.

Plan your content every day, and week for the month ahead, and ensure you have content planned on ALL platforms. If you want to build your brand, you MUST be consistent. This means posting daily (at the very least) on multiple platforms. Along with consistency, you must show QUALITY. Ensure your content is of a high-standard.

Once you have developed your plan and have started to build your brand, you will need to reach larger audiences. This can be done by building on the way you deliver your content. You may choose to produce a website, start a blog or email list and begin sending out weekly newsletters or blogs, advertisements to drive people to your website and social media platforms.

With a brand, advertising and product platforms, you can now start to build your online business. As a coach, you will want to demonstrate a USP (unique selling point).

The industry is saturated with free workout guides and nutrition plans, influencers sharing their top fitness tips and other coaches seeking clients. You need to STAND OUT! Ask yourself why clients should work with you, what you do that is unique and/or better than the competition. Then, advertise this!
Are you a specialist in your niche? Do you get incredible results with clients? Do you have knowledge which exceeds many other coaches?

You should aim to be an industry-leader in your own way! This may mean using this time to develop your knowledge, becoming educated with online courses and webinars, seeking mentorship to develop skills in areas you feel you need to improve. By developing a USP and becoming industry-leading, you will stand out and attract more clients.

Once you have your brand, your platforms, advertisements, USP and clients, you want to have systems in place to run your online business. Communication with a client is easier face-to-face as you can connect in sessions. Online, you need to develop communication strategies with your client to build that client-coach relationship. You should set clear expectations around HOW you coach online and should have systems in place to manage your coaching.

This may mean using apps such as Trainerize to manage clients, using accounting software such as Xero to manage payments and invoices, and using platforms like Mindbody for booking in and tracking client sessions.

Research the BEST tools for online coaches and develop systems which will help you to provide professional and world-class value, communication and experience.

Transitioning from face-to-face coaching, into the online space can be a terrifying shift. However, it will offer an opportunity to expand your coaching on a global scale, to reach larger audiences and to become an industry-leader in your speciality! 

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