Top Tips on Building a Successful Coaching Business

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Written by Master Coach, Jade Mckee

You’ve taken the leap and decided to become a coach. How do make sure your business is successful, and stands out from the rest?

Here are some tips for running a successful coaching business:

  • Decide on your niche market

Who do you WANT to coach? What are the areas you are passionate about? You need to build on your skills and strengths in these areas, to become an expert in your field. Having a specific niche market is going to set you apart from your competitors, creating a unique selling point for your business. You can then develop SPECIFIC marketing strategies to target your audience.

  • Up-skill

You’ve chosen your niche markets based on what you are passionate about. Now – you need to continue to build your skills in those areas. View your continued education as an INVESTMENT. Rather than learning a little about a lot of different areas, focus on your chosen areas – and learn a lot about them. Becoming an expert in your field will allow you to charge a premium rate for you services, and you will become an invaluable wealth of knowledge for the client base. You should be investing a MINIMUM of 10% of your income into your continued development each year.

  • Know your product and BELIEVE IN what you are selling

If you don’t believe in yourself as a coach – your client’s won’t believe in you either. You need to back yourself – having confidence in the value you can provide, and what you are able to do as a coach.

  • Package your services

People buy RESULTS – not time. So sell your clients solutions to their problems, leaving hourly rates as a thing of the past. Your clients will be reaching goals, improving their health, fitness, lifestyle and nutrition when they invest in a package with you. You might offer different package lengths – such as 12 or 24 weeks.

  • Systemise your business

Having systems set in place will help you to manage your time more effectively. These may range from programs to book and manage your client’s appointments, to the app you will use for their programming and to track their training, to how your clients will be checking in with you. Systems will ensure you are working efficiently each day, and that nothing will be missed along the way!

  • Set clear expectations and boundaries 

Provide your client with information on the basic package they have invested in – what they will receive, when it will take place, how to communicate between sessions, how long they may need to wait for a reply to questions, etc. Then, over-deliver on this.

Provide VALUE to your client by going above and beyond what was originally promised. Answer questions within the hour, instead of within 24hrs. Provide extra educational material – such as a regular blog, social media posts, or via email. Provide resources such as a video library for your client to refer to for exercises they might not be so familiar with. Provide protocols to address concerns such as their sleep, relaxation, and stress management. Small things that will immensely increase the value of your service to your client.

  • Care for your clients

Last but not least, show your clients that you care. We have all seen the coach on their phone, or talking to other people – not paying attention while their client is mid-set in the gym. Don’t be that coach. Be PRESENT with your client while you are with them. Take an interest in their life, and LISTEN to them. Coaching goes beyond counting out reps and sets. You need to INVEST in THEIR goals, and make them yours.

By following these guidelines you will be setting yourself up for success – and to stand out from the crowd – as you build a reputation as an industry leader in your chosen field.

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