Frequently Asked Questions

A: Of course! About 10% of our students do this for their personal development and nutrition knowledge. Prior knowledge of health and fitness does help, but it isn’t essential! 

A: The ANM is an in-person workshop, not an online course. Many of the same methods and science are discussed in both; however, in person, you can learn from Dr Layne Norton directly. 

However, with the online certification, there are ten modules and 150 lessons that you can refer back to at any time. Click here to find out more. 

A: Of course! On top of that, you also get added to our global trainer directory as a certified Clean Health and Biolayne coach. 

A: Yes, it does as a nutritionist to provide dietary advice to the general population. Contact our team directly to organise through our third-party provider NSure. 

A: This workshop is all theory in the classroom, so you’ll need a notepad, towel and food/drinks. A workbook will be provided at the event, and you will be required to train, so prepare accordingly! 

A: You’ll receive 5 CEU credits after completing this training camp and passing the assessments.