Frequently Asked Questions

A: Of course! About 10% of our students do this for their personal development and nutrition knowledge. Prior knowledge of health and fitness does help, but it isn’t essential! 

A: The Science of Nutrition Workshop is developed by one of the world’s most infamous and in-demand nutrition coaches, Dr Layne Norton.  
Layne holds a PhD in Nutritional Sciences and is a personal trainer, natural bodybuilder, and competitive powerlifter who has coached gen-pop clients and physique athletes for over 20 years. 
Everything you’ll learn is scientifically sound and applicable in the real world the very next day!

A: The TSN workshop is a great starting point if you want to become a nutrition coach; however, if you’re going to become an industry expert and in the top 5%, the online Biolayne Certification is for you. 

With over ten modules and 150 lessons, it is one of the more comprehensive nutrition certifications available today. Click here to find out more. 

A: Of course! On top of that, you also get added to our global trainer directory as a certified Clean Health and Biolayne coach. 

A: You’ll receive 5 CEU credits after completing this training camp and passing the assessments. 

A: This workshop is all theory in the classroom, so you’ll need a notepad, laptop or iPad. 


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