Shaun Krenz

Shaun Krenz – Episode 9 – Industry Leaders Podcast


In episode 9 of the Clean Health Industry Leaders Podcast, we’re joined by the co-founder and director of Fitness + Wellness Australia, Shaun Krenz, to discuss the importance of networking in the fitness and wellness industries.

With a background that combines personal training with business development, Shaun Krenz quickly found himself looking for ways to combine his two great passions.

In 2009, he became the event director for the Fitness Show and was instrumental in it’s monumental growth. Over a decade later, he’s now the co-founder and director of a new independent trade show and conference for fitness professionals – FITNESS + WELLNESS AUSTRALIA.

In this episode, Shaun covers:

  1. The key steps to successful network AND where to start
  2. How Covid-19 impacted the events space
  3. How he became the event director for the Fitness Show in 2009
  4. Shaun’s new trade event – FITNESS + WELLNESS AUSTRALIA
  5.  How social media has changed the landscape for fitness professionals
In closing, this episode will provide you with a ton of valuable insights to help you connect with your clients and grow your coaching business. So, what are you waiting for? Tune in with the buttons below!