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Learn how to shred fat, build muscle and create the body you’ve always wanted with this comprehensive, easy-to-follow fitness guide from Dr Bill Campbell – one of the world’s leading physique scientists.

Through 70+ detailed exercise videos across 7 training programs,

you’ll get everything you need to positively impact your diet,

lifestyle and exercise for life.

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Dr Bill Campbell’s ‘Building Your Ultimate Body Guide’ Helps You Achieve Transformations Like THESE In As Little As 84 Days👇

Having Total Confidence In The Way You Look Is a Great Feeling

So many people (maybe you’re one of them!) go through life feeling dissatisfied or self-conscious with their body image. Too lean. Too bulky. Skinny legs. Fatty arms. Maybe you’ve been going through something similar – desperate to make a change but unsure of the best way to go about it.
Truth is, you deserve to feel completely comfortable and confident when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. But it’s easier said than done, right? If body positivity is something that feels like a pipe dream to you right now, don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s just about finding someone who can help.

Take a moment and ask yourself the following questions…

Are you unhappy with your physique?You know you can look and feel better but you don’t know where to start with the gym, diet plans or anything else.

Do you want to build more lean muscle? You’re working towards your ideal body but you’re unsure of how to effectively combine workouts with nutrition.

Have you tried to shed fat and failed? You keep pounding the treadmill but the pounds just never seem to drop off however hard you seem to be trying.

Are you stuck in a plateau with fitness? You’re committed to your goals but just feel demotivated and exhausted with the lack of progress and real results.

If you answered ‘yes!’ to any of the above, you’re in the right place…

USD $47.00

Meet Your Mentor Who Can Finally Deliver The Body Image Results You’ve Been Dreaming of For All These Years…

Hi! I’m Dr Bill Campbell, professor of exercise and science, Director of the Performance & Physique Enhancement Laboratory at the University of South Florida and one of the world’s leading physique scientists.
Hopefully that long list goes some way to showing you just how much I know about nutrition, exercise and helping you get in the best shape possible! In fact, I’ve devoted my entire professional career to deciphering the best programs to help people optimise their bodies within a maintainable lifestyle.
This guide is a collection of my knowledge and experience learned in more than 20 years as a leader in the field of fitness. I’m ready to pass my information on to you so you can achieve the same incredible results as some of my private clients.


The ‘Building Your Ultimate Body Guide’
From Dr Bill Campbell

Whatever your fitness targets might be, from shedding fat to building muscle and more, this guide is the perfect place to start. Written by Dr Bill Campbell, one of the world’s most well-renowned fitness experts, it’s designed to kickstart your new training regime and give you the tools you need to build your dream body.

Across 7 programs and more than 70 exercise videos, you’ll get the chance to soak up some tried, tested and scientifically-proven training and nutrition methodologies, with step-by-step guidance on optimising your physique. The best part? You can succeed with these methods regardless of your age, location or training experience.

USD $47.00

The ‘Building Your Ultimate Body Guide’ Is Your 12 Week, Evidence-Based Blueprint for Maximizing Fat Loss & Muscle Gain

For the first time in his professional career, Dr Bill Campbell has shared all of his guidelines, research and philosophies in a single document.
This guide helps you build your ultimate physique in a simple way – without the stress and complex workouts you might be used to. It breaks down the essential rules you need to follow and makes body transformation straightforward (even enjoyable!)


7x 12-Week Training Programs

Whether you’re a beginner working out from home or an advanced trainer building your physique at a commercial gym, you’ll get seven training programs designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. The programs in this guide walk you through specific stages and share all the information you need to make true progress.

Exercise Video & Coaching Library

The ‘Build Your Ultimate Body Guide’ can be done entirely at your own pace without changing anything about your busy schedule. How? Through more than 70 detailed exercise videos – accessible online – that coach you on how to execute all the movements outlined in the training programs. Oh – and you get access for life!

The Ultimate Body Nutrition System

Getting into great shape is about more than just what you do in the gym – it’s also about the food you eat! In this guide, you’ll learn useful info about optimal nutrition, including the science of macronutrients, the importance of protein anchoring and flexible eating and how to calculate calories for fat loss and muscle gain.

The Latest Scientific Theories & Advice

This guide isn’t just a standard program, it gives you an education that can impact the rest of your life when it comes to diet, lifestyle and exercise. By learning and understanding the science behind what makes your body play ball, you’ll be in a much stronger position to adjust your workouts and diet in a way that drives success.

USD $47.00

What Makes This Guide?

USD $47.00

Once You’re In, You’ll See All of These Incredible Benefits & More!

Are you ready to unlock your ultimate body?

The ‘Building Your Ultimate Body Guide’ is a proven, evidence-based way of shedding fat, building muscle and finally achieving the body confidence you deserve. If you want to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and see the person you know you can be, now’s the time to make it happen…

USD $47.00