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More Freedom, More Money, and Complete Control over your life. It’s what you want.

But you’re stuck working at a job that pays you dollars per hour.

The Change Lives Academy was created by Fitness Business Experts Brian Mark and Cole Da Silva, and within just 90 days, it will have you changing lives and making money online with our proven step-by-step online fitness business blueprint.

Delivered by a combination of daily virtual workshops and an extensive online course curriculum, there is NO BETTER program available if you want a personalised, real-world, non-gimmicky program to grow a successful online coaching business.

What could your life look like as a full-time successful online fitness coach making USD 10,000+ per month?

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The Change Lives Academy Curriculum

Daily Virtual Classes with Industry #GOATs

Extensive Online Business Curriculum

Learn From Coaches Who’ve Done It!

This program will teach you proven social media marketing techniques and sales strategies to convert high-ticket clients immediately.

In it, you will learn how to…

Attract new clients to drive engagement and social growth.
Set up your “CORE OFFER” for your client niche.
Sell online programs at USD 1000+ per package on repeat.
Define your client avatar and how to communicate with them.
Generate high-ticket leads with a >25% conversion rate.
Create laser focus within your business to get the greatest ROI.
Make USD 10K per month and maintain it within 90 days.
Create an online community of raving fans who refer repeatedly!
Access to 10,000+ online PTs to see what’s working right now!
Online fitness business systems and tech to scale your business.

Why Study with Clean Health and PT Domination?

Finding a fitness business coach to help you generate $10,000+ per month without all the fluff and fake testimonials can be challenging.

Most business coaches charge $10,000 – $20,000 for access to this type of information – and at PT Domination and Clean Health, we believe that’s not fair to personal trainers.

The Change Lives Academy is the most cost-effective, bang-for-your-buck return on investment on the market, producing the best results in the game. It is taught by Clean Health Academic Board industry experts Brian Mark and Cole DaSilva from Canada.

What began as a side project whilst building their online coaching business grew over time, forever changing thousands of coaches’ lives worldwide!

Brian Mark started the Change Lives, Make Money online trainer, the #1 ranked podcast for online coaches who want to grow a successful online business. It’s a Top 50 Business Podcast, downloaded over 1.5 million times!

Brian and Cole lead by example, with 1.2 million+ followers across their social media accounts and are constantly testing, trying new trends, and seeing what works and what doesn’t, so they have the most up-to-date systems to teach coaches!

We’re committed to getting you to $10,000 / month and then keeping you at $10,000 per month to earn 6-figure annually online within 12 months.

Student Reviews


671 Reviews
S Rosier
S Rosier
2 months ago
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The Performance PT level 1 was extremely informative. I believe it is one of the best certifications out there for personal trainers who are just starting out, or simple looking to build on their already known skills.
Crystal Phillips
Crystal Phillips
4 months ago
Read More
I’ve loved both courses I’ve taken from Clean Health Institute. They have made me more knowledgeable and a better personal trainer. Excited to take advantage of more in the future!
Hong Kuang Seow​
Hong Kuang Seow​
2 months ago
Read More
Grateful to have learnt a ton from Daine’s most recent Personal Trainer Business Essential Course. Definitely will apply what I’ve learnt to my PT journey!

#BONUS Inclusion FREE Access To Our World Class Online Fitness Business Content Library!

All our students get access to a course library of over 300+ videos that walk through EVERY SINGLE ELEMENT needed to grow a successful online fitness business.

You’ll get FREE access to TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook training, legal documentation templates, tax 101 for online trainers and much more!

PLUS, we have hundreds of interviews with our students making $10,000+ per month,
so you can see what’s working in real-time for yourself!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A:  Absolutely. The online fitness coaching industry is unregulated; however, we believe in putting great coaches on the market, so for that reason, you NEED to be certified, ideally with Clean Health, although that is not 100% essential. We know that the better you are as an actual coach, the greater your potential for business success.

A: We care more about your success than our wallets. We know ALL of the competition, and their programs START at USD 10,000+ for a 6-month business coaching program.

Our program is a FRACTION of the cost and has better deliverables, which is why we’re so confident in the low price point.


A: All skills are learnable. We have a variety of videos for you to study that will help you become better at social media, AND we also have 10+ live coaching calls per week so you can learn in real-time how to get better and better with social media.

A:Without a doubt, there will be moments when you have self-doubt and fear regarding your ability to be on video. But all are skills you can learn no matter where you are currently; we will be able to help you get great on video and sales calls.

A: Yes. We’ve got different LEVELS of the program within the program. So, if you are under 5k / per month, we’ve got a group specifically for you, and once you make over $5,000+, we’ve got a group specifically for you with our Million Dollar Mastermind.

A: The best in the game; our STANDARD is that ALL questions get answered within 24 hours by our team. Plus, you will get access to the library of over 300+ videos. That, plus we have ten live coaching calls per week. The best support for the best price!

A: It doesn’t matter at all. We’ve had trainers with 100 followers join our program and make USD 5,000 per month within their first 90 days. We’ve got the blueprint for you!

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