Carb Cycling – What is it and when do you use these approaches

Written by Clean Health Online Master Coach, Kim Leggett A very common approach which can often help clients stay on track with their meal plan is Carb Cycling. This is when you alternate between various carbohydrate intakes through the week based on external factors like training. The concept behind this is to program higher carb […]

Chrononutrition – How Meal Timing Can Help Enhance Clients Results

Written by Clean Health Research & Development Specialist, Stefan Ianev In recent years, meal timing has largely been disregarded by many coaches, with it now being all about calories. Many coaches now simply give their clients a total daily caloric and macro target and send them off to My Fitness Pal to log their foods […]

3 Traits You Should Have To Be An Industry Leading Coach

Written by Clean Health Research & Development Specialist, Stefan Ianev We often get asked by up and coming personal trainers what are our top tips or recommendations for becoming an industry leading personal trainer or coach. After all, considering that the annual turnover rate for personal trainers is around 80-90%, which is not due to […]

5 Steps To Having Confidence On Stage

Written by Kim Leggett (Clean Health Online Master Coach) As a competitor, you would’ve heard of stage fright. That anxiety of being in front of an audience- sweaty palms, dry mouth, butterflies in your stomach, sweat dripping down your back and your mind racing with doubts and fear – which doesn’t go away with age, […]

Linear Vs Undulating Periodization

Written by Kim Leggett (Clean Health Online Master Coach) When it comes to how you may approach your clients training, one consideration you will have is whether you follow a linear or undulating model of periodization. There appears to be a big line drawn in the sand between the use and benefits for different clients […]

Top 3 Keys To Success For Aspiring Personal Trainers

Written by the Founder of Clean Health Fitness Institute, Daine McDonald One of the very first things we try to impart on all our students who have enrolled into our Master Coach Program, is the importance of becoming a good coach instead of simply being just a stereotypical personal trainer. A personal trainer in my opinion, is […]

How to Manage Blood Sugar for Health & Body Composition

Written by Astrid Naranjo (Clean Health Accredited Clinical Dietitian) Blood sugar management is important for health and body composition, more in the long term that it is short term or acutely, however, some clients may be more susceptible than others to perceive and be affected by acute blood sugar fluctuations (mood, energy, cognitive function, etc). […]

Top 5 Benefits For Personal Trainers Using iNutrition Pro

Written by Stefan Ianev (Co-founder of iNutrition Pro & Clean Health Research & Development Specialist) iNutrition Pro was created back in 2014 at the original Clean Health Performance Centre. Originally, it was only designed to be used in-house, in order to save the hundreds of hours that were being spent writing meal plans for clients […]

Autoregulation & Its Effect on Training for Physique Athletes

Written by Kim Leggett (Clean Health Online Master Coach) Say your client wants to push themselves to the limit each and every time they hit the gym. How else are they going to make gains, right? This however is like a double edged sword as fatigue, burnout and injury can all occur in the process.  […]

5 Skills A Cert 3 In Fitness Will Teach You

5 Skills A Cert 3 In Fitness Will Teach You If you’re considering studying a cert 3 in fitness, you might be wondering what you’re going to learn. Since this is an introductory certificate, it covers a wide range of skills. From providing health screens, instructing fitness programs and more. As a fitness professional, it’ll […]

Mastering Time Management & Productivity for Peak Business Performance

Written by Daine McDonald (Founder of CHFI) As a founder, CEO or manager, you are going to have a lot of work and responsibility on your plate depending on what stage of your business you are in. I remember back in 2011 I brought on my first full time employee and the feeling I had […]