Training The Female Fitness Model… Modified Sarcev Method Giant Sets For Legs

Yesterday one of my senior personal trainers’ and fat loss specialist Tom Hewett decided to film a round of a brutal leg workout I was taking Strength Coach and Fitness Model Rachel Guy through. So I have decided to share it for you all below. It’s a perfect example of how weight training can be used to achieve maximal fat loss results in place of your traditional industry based cardio approach.

The workout is a modified Sarcev workout adapted through consultations I have done with former IFBB pro Milos Sarcev. The workout is as follows:

A1: BB Front Squat: 6 reps @ 40X0 tempo

A2: Seated Leg Curl Neutral Feet Poliquin Style: 8 reps @ 40X0 tempo

A3: 45 Degree Leg Press: 15-20 reps @ 20X0 tempo

A4: Lying Leg Curl Toes Turned In & Dorsiflexed: 6-6-6 dropset @ various tempos

A5: Back Foot Elevated DB Split Squat: 5 reps each leg @ 31X0 tempo

A6: Standing BB Good Morning: 15 reps @ 30X0 tempo

A7: Leg Extension: 10-5-5 dropset @ various tempos

A8: Walking BB Lunge: 8 reps each leg @ 3010 tempo

A9: Heels Elevated DB Sissy Squats: 15-20 reps @ 20X0 tempo


  • You walk from station to station, that is your rest
  • 2 minutes rest after A9
  • You do 5 sets in total

This is a great workout if you want to burn fat but also build a little lean muscle. I don’t recommend doing this unless you have a Coach or personal trainer taking you through it.



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