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The strength certification from one of the world’s leading strength coaches!

LEVEL 1 & 2



Develop your knowledge around training principles and methods to maximize your client’s performance and results and expand your toolbox as a coach and athlete!

Learn how to build strong and athletic physiques for all levels of clientele, with systems & methods used to train some of the best athletes in the world and used to take beginner lifters to their ultimate lifting potential with a focus on perfect movement, injury prevention and management for safe, pain-free results!


  • Are you a personal trainer, athletic trainer, strength coach, physiotherapist, health professional or athlete who wants to learn the names and functions of muscles and how the muscles and joints work to develop your understanding of the anatomy of movement?
  • Are you looking to expand your existing knowledge of strength training and coaching, learning the key terminologies, and different ways exercises can be modified to produce varying results through technique focus in practical online demonstrations?
  • Are you looking to learn the fundamentals of movement kinetics and biomechanics terminology and how these are applied within a strength training context?
  • Are you looking to explore the history of periodization and the different programming approaches used today to develop your understanding of the pros and cons of each and how this can be used in your own coaching or training?
  • Are you looking to learn systems and methods that are proven to get results with a wide range of clientele, taking into account the different backgrounds, limitations and goals of each individual?
  • Are you looking to further your knowledge of nutrition coaching for different populations and goals?
  • Are you looking to understand how to apply injury prevention strategies into your training plans, so you can ensure clients are maximizing results while remaining free from pain and injury?
  • Are you looking to learn the art of coaching and how to develop effective communication with your athletes to tailor your coaching to different personality types, using individualized cuing and sports psychology?


If you answered YES then you are in luck!

Designed by World-Leading Strength Coach Sebastian Oreb and the Clean Health Fitness Institute, the Strength System International Certification Program Level 1, is THE online course if you want to learn the art of strength training for athletic performance, with the objective of becoming a Strength & Conditioning coach



  • You will learn the principles of THE Strength System, why it was developed, how it works and how you and your athletes can start building life changing strength and performance results from today!
  • You will learn the principles of technique execution for all the primary and accessory lifts, such as the bench press, squat, deadlift and all their variations. You are only as good as your lifting technique, not just your program!
  • You will learn the principles of building a structurally balanced physique, which is the foundation of athletic success. This strength can be converted into hypertrophy, power or performance so you or your athletes can excel at any goal.
  • You will learn how to break down all the key lifts, assess client proficiency, and adapt their movement for big results and an injury-free body.
  • You will learn the fundamental principles of effective, safe and results-based program design for strength development. Key concepts such as load selection, auto-regulation, RPE, exercise order, tempo, "pre-hab", rehab considerations (and more!) are covered at length to give you an extensive toolkit that you can call on when designing world-class strength programs for yourself, your clients, and your athletes
  • You will learn how to build a Strength and Conditioning program for the beginner through to the very best, as you will learn the skills and knowledge that apply to general population clients as well as athletes from a variety of sports, like powerlifting, rugby, football, MMA, boxing, and many more!
  • You will learn the science of sports nutrition, energy balance, macronutrients, micronutrients and much more, with the objective of teaching you how to enhance client recovery outside of the gym and ensure that your athletes are achieving significant and ongoing results.
  • You will learn the science of recovery and how to balance each client’s lifestyle, nutrition and training to attain the best overall result for that person. Inadequate recovery will equate to poor results, so we will teach you a system that you can use to ensure that your clients are recovering well, training hard, and achieving their goals in record time!


  • The names and functions of muscles surrounding each major joint, how these muscles work to produce particular movements and how these joints interact with surrounding body segments to produce whole-body movement. You will learn anatomy education focused around strength training exercises.
  • Next level knowledge around technique, carrying on from our Level 1 certification, to provide a practical section focused on new terminology, unilateral movements, different types of resistance and different ways exercises can be modified to produce various results.
  • The mechanics of movement, through an introduction to the fundamentals of movement kinetics and biomechanics terminology including: force, torque and lever arms and how each of these can be applied in a strength training context.
  • The history of periodization and how various coaches and researches have contributed to different approaches to programming, along with the pros and cons of each approach and when to use these well known training methodologies in programming for clients.
  • How to program for different populations. This module builds on the fundamentals of programming principles taught in Level 1 and explains how to manipulate these principles to achieve different results for different clientele. Learn how to tailor your programming for a range of populations and a range of goals.
  • Key injury prevention and management fundamentals and how these should be applied to program design to ensure clients are getting strong, safely and avoiding injury.
  • The art of coaching! This module will focus on effective communication between the coach and athlete with topics which include effective ways to cue your athletes, different personality types, learning approaches and some of the fundamentals of sports psychology.